History of efforts to incorporate The Falls: (under construction)

Municipal corporations run amok:






There have been plans for over a decade to push forward an initiative to incorporate or annex The Falls area. There has not been enough interest to bring those plans up for a vote and there is no need to spend time and effort again toward something that is not needed and not supported by the community.

Significant dates

2004 - Falls incorporation effort is unsuccessful.


2007 -

2008 -

2012 - County incorporation barrier lifted.


2016 -

2017 - New public meetings discussing incorporation.

Map Of Proposed Village

This is a map outlining the boundaries of the proposed Village Of The Falls. The main proponents of creating this new city have been examining and promoting this concept for more than a dozen years. Over a decade ago there were petition drives by those supporting and opposing incorporation within the proposed boundary areas that were outlined then. There was not sufficient support for the idea to go forward at that time. The proponents did not abandon their effort however, and years later the subject came before the County Commission where it failed to receive the support of enough commissioners to be investigated further. Those determined to create a new town without surveying their neighbors or getting a needed percentage of residents to sign a petition are trying again, and in an effort to gauge public opinion our County Commissioner is sending out a survey at the public's expense to see if the idea has strong enough support for an advisory committee to be created to study it further. We believe it is time to put this to rest once and for all and devote our time and resources to continuing to work with the County to address any needs or wishes we have for our neighborhoods. If there are really pressing needs then why go through a lengthy series of steps to create a new city when we can be civically active and have the County take action more promptly? We do not need to create a new city with the costs and liabilities that are involved in order to make improvements or provide services that are already provided by the County.