Survey Results Announced

The County Office Of Management & Budget has completed their tabulation of the incorporation surveys and our Commissioner has shared her response to the results. We are grateful for those who took the time to fill in and mail in their surveys and appreciate Commissioner Levine Cava's effort to listen to the community and make her decision based upon this feedback. This is the email message sent out today by Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava:

Update to Falls Area Residents on Results of Incorporation Survey

November 20, 2017

Dear Residents,
As you likely are aware, a group of District 8 constituents asked me to continue consideration of the possible incorporation of parts of Kendall and the Falls area, which had begun over ten years ago, before I came to office.
My first and foremost priority was to engage residents in order to assess their interests and opinions regarding incorporation. I wanted objective and clear data on which to base my decision. To achieve the best possible input, I set three important parameters.

  • Qualitative assessment: My office hosted an open forum on this issue to receive feedback from the residents that would be affected by a potential incorporation. We also received dozens of emails and held numerous meetings with residents, both those opposing and supporting incorporation, as well as those seeking more information.
  • Quantitative assessment: I also determined that we needed substantial quantitative data to better determine community preference, so I worked with an independent, volunteer expert to successfully survey the community.
  • Open and transparent process: From the beginning of my consideration on the issue, I have provided full and straightforward information to the residents about the process I am using and the data I am collecting. I have sent informational emails, posted on social media and on my website, and placed ads in neighborhood newspapers.
I am proud to report that we successfully followed all three parameters, and today we are providing a short summary of the survey results that highlight where residents stand on the issue. The survey drew great community participation, with over 4,000 residents completing the survey, almost 22% of the area registered voters. Residents have provided clear information on their position, as 63% said they were against incorporation. Further, 58% are opposed to creating a Municipal Advisory Committee, known as a MAC, to examine the topic. Given the residents' position on this matter, I will not move forward with the creation of a MAC. I am thankful to the County staff, Dr. Robert Ladner and my staff for their diligence. I am also grateful to the residents who took the time to engage, insuring both maximum qualitative and quantitative data, allowing us to objectively and accurately assess the public's opinion. I remain available to discuss the results and will continue to work hard to represent you by regularly seeking feedback on issues important to you. We are now busy reviewing the additional comments included on the surveys to see how the County may better serve you.Thank you for your participation and trust. I look forward to continuing our work together to build the best possible community and County.



Falls Survey Results: